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The Kentucky Natural Fiber Center

Kentucky has a long and rich history of fiber production and relied on the textile industry to fuel the local economy of many of our rural communities. Globalization of textile production and cheaper to produce, imported synthetic fibers have virtually wiped out the textile industry in rural Kentucky and for a time turned natural fibers into more of an agricultural byproduct that the valuable, renewable resource they actually are.  Fortunately, for natural fiber producers, today's local-minded consumers are concerned about the environmental, economic and social ramifications of their purchases.  This opens the door for direct-to-consumer sales of locally grown, harvested and processed fiber products and the potential revitalization of Kentucky’s rural textile industry.


The Kentucky Natural Fiber Center (KNFC) is a project started in 2020 and funded by the Kentucky Office of AgriculturePolicy.  Its purpose is to help connect producers and artists together to revitalize Kentucky's textile heritage.


The Kentucky Natural Fiber Center is located in Millersburg, Kentucky on the historic grounds of the historic Mustard Seed Hill, formerly the Millersburg Military Institute.   The KNFC hosts fiber related classes, trainings, conferences and vending events.  The goal of the KNFC is to become a hub for the fiber producers and fiber artists of the Commonwealth.  

More information on our Events and Workshops page!

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