Destash {v} To remove loved but unused yarn, forgotten fabric, craft supplies bought with good intentions, gently used equipment collecting dust, unfinished objects - UFOs, from one's collection.

Are you a crafter/quilter/seamstress/painter/knitter/crocheter/jewelry designer/sculptor WHEW!…a maker of any sort? Is your ‘happy place’ imagining/designing/creating? Have your interests or supply needs changed/grown/diminished? We invite you to meet other makers and DE-STASH OR RE-STASH at our first ever Fall Craft & Fiber Fair Destash Event! Participants are encouraged to network while they declutter and/or restock supplies.  We all have well meaning, craft supplies that have collected dust waiting for us to use them.   We want to give those items new life, give you a space to find a new project that captures your imagination and find homes for all those wayward projects that just need someone new to work on them!  *No finished items please!


$5 to join the swap- this gets you a name tag and tickets for your items. 

#1 BUNDLE YOUR STASH – Organize, sort and count your stash. The total count of your items/bundles determines the amount of swapped items you return home with. (If your goal is to return home with nothing, then consider bringing your unused craft items as a donation to the Kentucky Natural Fiber Center!) For swap effectiveness, please bundle your smaller items by using inexpensive baggies, tape or string. All bundles count as one (1) item.

#2 DISPLAY STASH – Arrival--  10am- 11am -- Welcome! Pick up a name tag and tickets based on the number of items you brought. I.e. - Ten items buys you ten tickets. Start self-sorting your stash onto the multiple identified swap tables. Tables will be labeled with categories.

#3 SWAP STASH –  Swap starts at 11!! To ‘purchase’ new items, simply think 1:1 trade. You get to choose one item/bundle for every item/bundle you brought to swap. We’re keeping this simple—if you bring 10 items, you get 10 items; 5 for 5, 20 for 20, etc. When you are finished shopping, present your items and your tickets at the checkout table and begin creating with all your new supplies!

#4 ENCORE! ENCORE! – Starting at 12-- the DESTASH SWAP will allow EVERYONE a chance to get in on the action! Purchase a Grab Bag for $2 and fill it full! (At 4 p.m., any remaining items will become the property of Kentucky Natural Fiber Center; all grab-bag proceeds will go to the KNFC.)

Destash Swap!

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