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Fleece Sale

We do not take fleeces before Saturday of the event.   To enter the sale, bring your fleece to the designated area at in the building from 9-noon on Saturday September 24.  Entry form must be filled out prior to arrival, there is limited space and extra forms will NOT be available. 

Sale will begin at 1 pm.

The fleece is to be unwashed but skirted and presented in a clear plastic bag.  Fleeces not properly skirted will not be sold and will be returned to owner.


On an index card write information (below) and place inside the bag:

  • Name

  • Phone number

  • Description of fleece (i.e.: species/breed, weight of the fleece, growth time, color)

  • Sale price ($) 

All fleeces entered must have been grown on animal owned by the exhibitor and represent no more than 12 months growth.


Fleeces should be picked up by the conclusion of the event on Saturday before 5pm if unsold.  Fleeces not picked up will become property of the Kentucky Natural Fiber Center.   A $5 sale fee per fleece sold will be taken out of sale.   If fleece does not sell, no sale fee applies. 


No limit for sale

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