2017 Workshops

All Day classes are 9-4 with an hour break for lunch.  

AM Half Day classes are 9-12 and PM Half Day classes are 1-4

Friday, May 19

All Day Classes

Stone Wall Felt Vessel Class - Dawn Edwards
Rigid Heddle Weaving - Kate Sherratt

Saturday, May 20

Half Day AM

E-Commerce Photography - Robin Goatey

Saori for Beginners - Denise Prince

Half Day PM

Contemporary Rug Hooking - Teresa Goatey

Beginning Drop Spindle - Jessica Faulhaber

Indigo Dyeing - Gine Levesque

Kid's Learn to Knit- Luna Ortiz and friends

All Day

Crochet Socks - Jonee Davis

Tartan Weaving - Ann Lynn Whiteside

Wet Felted Concertina Hat - Dawn Edwards

Fiber Prep Class - Kate Sherratt

Lichen Dyeing - Kathy Sparks

Sheep to Shawl- Hannah Nillson

Sunday May 21

Half Day AM

Demystifying Lace weight yarn and Lace Knitting - Kathy Sparks
Microwave Dyeing for Blended Batts - Teresa Goatey

The Ancient Art of Finger Weaving - Ann Lynn Whiteside

Beginning Knitting - Judi Allread

Half Day PM
Color From Mushrooms - Kathy Sparks
More Saori - Denise Prince
Nantucket Basket - Robin Goatey

Crafting Your Business - Hannah Nillson

All Day
Tapestry Weaving - Lynne Oakes
Wet Felted Bird Pod - Dawn Edwards

So You've Got the Sheep,  Now What? - Madeline Rosenburg