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Come travel the 2nd Annual Bluegrass area yarn and fiber crawl!    Hosted by the Kentucky Fiber Trail, this crawl will take place July 28-August 6.  Come explore and celebrate some of the best fiber venues in the commonwealth area!!    

What is a yarn and fiber crawl? 

Think pub crawl/road trip with your best fiber friends!!  Our Yarn and Fiber Crawl is an organized event focused on exploring fiber themed locations of a general area over a specific time period.   We're opening up our fiber trail to more participants across the Bluegrass to open up their shops, their farms, their studios and invite people to show off what makes the Kentucky Fiber Trail so amazing!   The Bluegrass Fiber Crawl is being hosted by The Kentucky Fiber Trail- our ongoing effort to network and promote wool and fiber producers, artisans, retail locations, agritourism locations and events! 

Each location on the trail will set their own hours throughout the 9 days of the crawl- so be sure to visit our interactive crawl map and plan your trip accordingly!  Participate as many days as you like!    Each location is responsible for the visitor safety regulations,  biosecurity restrictions and location rules they wish to keep on their premises- please do your best to help us honor each location's requests. 

Make your plans, fill out your passport, get it signed and stamped as you travel, and send in pictures to win prizes and be entered in drawings!  Most of all- get to meet some amazing fiber friends throughout the Bluegrass and shop!!  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to enter in our hashtag and photo contests!   We cannot wait to see you on the crawl!

Click here to go to the crawl map and passport!

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