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The Fiber Trail Story

We have a passion for Kentucky.  We have a passion for wool and fiber producers.   We have a passion for the arts and crafts.   The Kentucky Fiber Trail seeks to weave together all of these passions and connect those who are passionate about them with each other!


Our trail is both physical and online.  We want to give local producers outlets to market their products, both online and with local retailers.  We want to also give retailers places to acquire local, Kentucky fibers and fiber products for their shops.  And most of all- we want to give our patrons a map of where to shop and visit across the state!  

As a member of the Kentucky Fiber Trail,  makers, retailers, producers, agritourism locations and fiber events will be able to promote themselves, their events and what they have to offer our wonderful bluegrass state.    We want to see Kentucky grown fiber flourish and show everyone that trails aren’t just for bourbon anymore!

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