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Join the 2nd Annual Bluegrass area yarn and fiber crawl!    Hosted by the Kentucky Fiber Trail, this crawl will take place July 28-August 6.  Set your own business hours, at your own location, and host folks from all over as they travel from place to place!   

What is a yarn and fiber crawl? 

A Yarn and Fiber Crawl is an organized event focused on exploring fiber themed locations of a general area over a specific time period.   For us, we're opening up our trail to more participants across the Bluegrass to open up their shops, their farms, their studios and  invite people to see what makes the Kentucky Fiber Trail so amazing!   The Bluegrass Fiber Crawl is open to KFT Members, and non-members. As with our past pop up markets, this is free to current members, if you are not interested in becoming a member, participation just includes a small fee.  We are not exclusive to Kentuky residents, anyone close to the Bluegrass area may apply.  We will promote, mail passports and make a directory of participating locations and their hours for  crawlers to follow.  

Locations do not have to set up all 9 days, we just ask that you commit to at least one of the weekends and set your own hours (we will post them as well) and stick to them.   Participate as many days as you like!    Each location is responsible for the COVID regulations,  biosecurity restrictions and location rules they wish to keep on their premises. 

We will use our KFT passports for the event and upon completion, crawlers can send in photos of their passports for a chance to win prizes.  This year, we will have yard signs to help crawlers feel confident that they've found the right location as well as a few more promotional items.  Yard signs and passports will be available on our website.  We will also run hashtag promotions and contests during the 9 days of the Crawl so you can promote your own shops and hours through both your own social media and ours.  

Kentucky Fiber Trail Members participate for free and non-members can participate for $65.   Sign up today!  


Application deadline for the Crawl is May 1 2023.

Check out our FAQ page for more information, if you still have questions, please contact us!

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